Taiwan “Fast track” Trademark application is scheduled to be implemented on May 1, 2020

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To encourage applicants to use electronic applications and expedite the examination of trademark registration applications, TIPO will introduce a “fast track mechanism”. For trademark registration applications filed on May 1, 2020, the fees and documents payable at the time of application shall meet the following conditions and be submitted for review 2 months before the general trademark registration application:

(1) Electronic application;
(2) a tradtitional trademark registration application, excluding non-traditional trademark registration applications;
(3) The names of all designated goods or services are exactly the same as the reference names of the TIPO’s electronic application system;

Trademark registration applications that meet the above conditions are ready for review due to procedural review matters. It is expected that applicants will know whether the case has been approved for registration approximately 1.5 months before the current average first office action (FA).

For example, the fast track case with the filing date of May 1, 2020, the time for the examination of the trademark examiner is equivalent to the general trademark registration application filed on March 1, 2020, and it will be submitted for examination about 2 months earlier. However, it should be noted that the fast track trademark is still based on the principle of “first application first registration”, that is, the earlier application cases should still be excluded from the later application case registration.

Source: TIPO (published on March 20, 2020)